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My name is Parker Bennett and I own Jaggware. I have been in the Information Technology (IT) field for many years. The idea for Jaggware came into being after repeatedly seeing a lack of a properly price-balanced IT market for small businesses.

Small business should have access to IT solutions that are efficient and cost effective. Jaggware is a provider of a wide array of solutions that will help your business grow without pressuring your budget.

I specialize in web-based programming and database engineering that enables businesses to bring to the web custom-built applications to help streamline their operations. Whether it be scheduling programs, e-catalogs, e-commerce integration, social networking and community sites, I have the knowledge to help your business realize its online potential.

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Store Locator
Example of zip code locator program to pull a list within so many miles
Demo Test
Demo of a test/questionnaire/survey system with Admin ability.
Demo Scheduler
Demo of a scheduling system for doctors office.
Simple Program
Creates variable length passwords with different optional characteristics.
Simply Pet Organics Website
Wrote data feed access and db supported product listings
Pure Party Perfections
Product listings front-end code that pulls from database back-end with administrative section to control.
Birthday Site
Multiple interfaces to compare products from datacrawlers and robust admin back-end to control product listings, categories, etc.
Community Site
Full social community site for writers. Includes an admin section for controlling site functionality.
Reservation System
Coded reservation system for a cabin rental business in Kentucky. E-Commerce integration.
Search Engine
Coded search engine for restaurant communities.
Coded catalog system for a plant business integrated with an XML gateway.
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